Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the program currently located?

In the past, the program was held at 2 different locations. However, please note that due to COVID-19, our in-person groups have now transitioned to virtual groups, done securely through Zoom. You will receive more information on this after signing up for the waitlist. Our in-person sessions would normally be held at the following two locations:

  • Women's Health in Women's Hands Community Health Centre.
    • 2 Carlton St #500, Toronto, ON M5B 1J3.
  • Jenne Jean-Marie Community Centre.
    • 48 Thorncliffe Park Drive, East York, ON M4H 1J7.

What are the details for the next group?

  • Starting date: May 4th, 2021 (8 Week Session).
  • Time: Tuesdays 1-2:15pm.
  • Location: Virtual, but this program is being held through our community partner, Women's Health in Women's Hands (WHIWH).
    • WHIWH Contact: (416)-593-7655
    • If you ever have any difficulties reaching someone directly at WHIWH, please contact us through the Mindfully Muslim website form. You can also call Dr. Ahmad’s secretary, Nabilah at (647)-620-8831.
  • Additional information:
    • Light refreshments and childcare included for in-person groups.

What sort of issues do you work with?

At the current time, Dr. Ahmad is working with Muslim women who are struggling with mood and anxiety disorders. Next year, Dr. Ahmad hopes to organize a group for men and youth, creating a safe space for them to address the particular stessors they face.

What is the process for entering the group?

Every person is screened first by a social worker or a community health worker for suitability. Then, they are placed on a waitlist & invited for the next available group. We will contact you for assessment. For this particular group, the ideal client will be a woman who:

  • Is above 18 years old
  • Is motivated
  • Is committed to attending all sessions
  • Must have a primary care provider
  • Stable housing and basic needs
  • Ability to engage in activities of daily living
  • Ability to engage in meditation practices including lying down on the floor (but can remain seated if this is difficult)
  • Interest in an Islamic framework
  • Values a faith-based approach
  • Has the capacity to be self-reflective
  • Respects boundaries and group rules
  • Is fluent in English
Exclusion Criteria:
  • Active psychotic or manic symptoms
  • Uncontrolled symptoms of depression or anxiety of moderate to severe intensity
  • Current suicidal or homicidal ideation
  • Acute crisis/imminent safety concerns
  • Current substance use
  • Cluster B characterological disorders
Additional notes:
  • If anxiety & depressive symptoms are moderate to severe, then patients ought to be stabilized on medication prior to joining the group.
  • If there is a history of trauma, patients must be able to manage triggers without dissociating.

Do you work in languages aside from English?

No, not at this time.

How accessible is your therapy room?

It depends on the location where the group is being held. The space at Women's Health in Women's Hands (WHIWH) is fully accessible. In light of the pandemic, all sessions are currently being held securely through Zoom. After signing up for the waitlist at WHIWH, you will be contacted with further details.

What is your policy about privacy and sharing information?

Dr. Ahmad abides by the highest standards of professionalism which includes safeguarding the confidentiality of all participants. The confidentiality policy is reviewed at the beginning of every group.

What is your cancelation policy?

Once accepted to the group, it is very important to attend all sessions as the group builds week-to-week. However, if a participant must miss a session, they need to provide at least 48 hours notice. Otherwise, they may be charged for the missed session.