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About Us

About Us

Mindfully Muslim is an 10-week group therapy program combining Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy & mind-body work with Islamic wisdom. Each session opens and closes with a dua (prayer), includes lessons, exercises, and guided meditative practices led by Dr. Yusra Ahmad, a psychiatrist in Toronto.

This program is about building bridges and cultivating peace through disciplined self-awareness and contacting the Creator in the present moment. The program is compassionate, culturally aware, inherently anti-oppressive and trauma-informed. Safety and confidentiality are highly respected, and no participant is everpressured to share sensitive information.

The primary aim of the program is spreading peace and ease through the relief of mental & emotional suffering and the release of pain. 

About Us

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within & without.


This program is based on five planks.


Examples of topics covered in the program include, but are not limited to:

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